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Jeremy Anderson
Marc Stalmans

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson standing in a dense stand of the alian invasive shrub Mimosa pigra which poses a significant threat to the Kafue Floodplain. Lochinvar National Park, Zambia (Aug 2004).

ICS Partners
ICS partners currently include Jeremy Anderson (PhD Zoology, London), and Marc Stalmans (PhD Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand).


Areas of Expertise
Our primary expertise within the fields of conservation and environmental management lie in:

  • Undertaking resource surveys, including wildlife censuses (using both aerial and ground counting techniques), assessment of population condition, plant-ecological inventories, and quantitative assessments of the utilisation potential of natural resources.
  • Devising management recommendations and monitoring guidelines based on resource inventories.
  • Initiating, facilitating, and managing community based natural resource management projects.
  • Wildlife management, including the capture, care, and translocation of game ranging from the Big 5 to smaller fauna.
  • Managing rangeland, especially from a landscape ecological perspective, including fire, herbivore, and alien plant management.
  • Planning, developing, and maintaining conservation and tourism infrastructure.
  • Training field service personnel, including the planning of training facilities and determining the contents of training courses.
  • Establishing and implementing environmental education programs which address the needs of protected areas and their neighbouring communities.
  • Undertaking all aspects of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), including project management.
  • Identifying ecotourism opportunities and niche markets for specific projects.
  • Supervising the field work and data analysis of postgraduate students working on environmental/conservation projects.
  • Developing environmental/conservation projects and associated budgets for submissions to aid agencies and corporate donors.
Skills and Experience
Our expertise and ability to deliver a high-quality product is supported by our deep pool of skills and our extensive experience.
Game census
Banhine National Park, Mozambique (27 Oct 2004). Game census for African Wildlife Foundation with financial support from USAID. Simon Munthali (AWF Director, White River Centre), Mike Pingo (pilot), Armando Ngwenya (Park Warden), Marc Stalmans, Mike & John Peel (Agricultural Research Council).

Affiliated Expertise
ICS has an excellent network of contacts within the conservation and development fields both within South Africa and internationally. We can therefore incorporate additional expertise to ensure the integrity and accuracy of any project. ICS affiliates provide the following skills and expertise:

  • Advanced GIS and satellite imagery analysis.
  • Training needs assessment and field ranger training.
  • Protected area security management and law enforcement.
  • Landscape architecture.
  • Fynbos botany and plant ecology.
  • Problem animal control.